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Nintendo  |  04 September 2017 17:55
Op dit moment is de PAX West 17 bezig, en daar is een gameplayvideo vrijgegeven van The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim op de Nintendo Switch. Het gaat hier om een video van Gamespot, waar de game in een video op handhe...   Meer..
Nieuws  |  04 September 2017 12:25
It’s easy to forget just how great The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was when we first played it. Though the jury is out on the combat, the...   Meer..
Nieuws  |  04 September 2017 12:17
Final Fantasy XV debuted in November last year and since then the development team led by Hajime Tabata has not stopped...   Meer..
Nieuws  |  04 September 2017 12:12
Boss Key Productions’ LawBreakers may not exactly be thriving on platforms like Steam but the developer is still working on updates.  Meer..
Pc  |  03 September 2017 15:53
Top-down old school footy sim Dino Dini’s Kick Off Revival [ official site ] shoots onto PC later this month. It’s a modern take on Kick...   Meer..
Playstation  |  03 September 2017 12:13
Bandai Namco Entertainment has today announced that a brand-new Kamen Rider game, titled Kamen Rider Climax Fighters, is...   Meer..
Nieuws  |  03 September 2017 10:24
This version 3.0 adds many variations of tracks to Grid World events and greatly increasing aggression and courage of AI opponents.  Meer..
Nieuws  |  02 September 2017 19:23
Hello Games has released another No Man’s Sky Atlas Rises update, which brings with it some quality of life changes and numerous...   Meer..
Xbox  |  02 September 2017 19:15
Happy Saturday and thank you for joining us for another edition of Next Week on Xbox! We’re a little lighter this week than last, but...   Meer..
Nieuws  |  02 September 2017 19:09
This week sees League of Legends biggest North American match of the year, an emergency speedrun marathon for charity, another...  Meer..