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Nieuws  |  25 February 2020 18:49
Late last year League of Legends developer Riot Games announced they were branching out with a number of new projects in...  Meer..
Nieuws  |  25 February 2020 18:47
Resident Evil 3 is out in about a month and a half from now, and Capcom have dropped a ton of new details on the game via a round...  Meer..
Nieuws  |  24 February 2020 18:01
The news is spreading far and wide and that has come as no surprise to us, as just moments ago through our twitter page, we've...  Meer..
Nieuws  |  23 February 2020 15:24
We already knew Baldur's Gate III would launch in some form this year, thanks to Google Stadia's recent press release. Now, though...  Meer..
Nieuws  |  21 February 2020 7:03
While unfortunately the much anticipated Dying Light 2 got delayed (one of the many games that got the delay hammer this year)...  Meer..
Nieuws  |  21 February 2020 6:58
The Dragon Ball franchise is about as big as its ever been. The latest game to adapt the franchise, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, was a...   Meer..
Nieuws  |  20 February 2020 16:50
Battle Royale reaching Modern Warfare in “early March”. A report by VGC suggests the leaked Warzone game mode for...   Meer..
Nieuws  |  20 February 2020 16:49
Samurai Shodown was revived last year to acclaim and solid sales. The sword based fighter was one fans of the genre welcomed...   Meer..
Nieuws  |  20 February 2020 16:48
Death Stranding was a game that you either loved or hated, without a whole lot in-between. It was an odd affair, with a story that in...   Meer..
Nieuws  |  20 February 2020 6:31
De glorie en het prestige van de grootste Zuid-Amerikaanse clubvoetbal-toernooien, CONMEBOL Libertadores en CONMEBOL Sudamericana komen als gratis content update naar EA SPORTS FIFA 20. De update is...  Meer..