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Nieuws  |  13 February 2020 15:37
The original Battle Royale shooter, PUBG, has enjoyed a long life span as well as continued updates . The focus has always been on...  Meer..
Nieuws  |  13 February 2020 15:37
Nioh 2 is coming in a month’s time, and the action RPG is promising a lot of what people loved about the first game: a mix of...   Meer..
Nieuws  |  13 February 2020 15:37
Marvel’s Avengers was one of the many games that got hit with the delay flu earlier this year. Once slated to hit shelves this April, it was pushed...  Meer..
Mobile  |  12 February 2020 16:44
Mario Kart Tour has kicked off its brand new tour, the Vancouver Tour, featuring two brand new Spotlight Characters as well as a...   Meer..
Xbox  |  12 February 2020 16:44
The main driving force behind the creation of Bless Unleashed from Round 8 Studio and Bandai Namco has been the opportunity to...  Meer..
Nieuws  |  12 February 2020 16:43
Exciting times lie ahead for The Division 2 players, what with its massive paid expansion coming up in less than a month- but for those who’ve...   Meer..
Pc  |  11 February 2020 17:25
Hokko Life is a new life simulation game where everybody can live out their simple fantasies of gardening, customizing furniture...   Meer..
Nieuws  |  11 February 2020 17:05
It's the week of love, so this episode of New Releases is spending some extra time to talk about one more game than usual--or at...   Meer..
Pc  |  11 February 2020 17:05
Sony and Naughty Dog have released new key for from the upcoming The Last of Us Part II alongside an amazing free dynamic PS4...   Meer..
Nieuws  |  11 February 2020 17:05
Dead Cells was one of GameSpot's best games of 2018, and we weren't alone in that: it also won Action Game of the Year at the...   Meer..