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Nieuws  |  18 May 2020 15:35
Zojuist is het tweede seizoen van het vijfde jaar van Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege onthuld: Operation Steel Wave. Dit seizoen voegt twee nieuwe Operators toe aan de game: Ace en Melusi, respectievelijk e...   Meer..
Nieuws  |  18 May 2020 14:41
Valve Software has announced that the workshop tools for Half-Life: Alyx are now live. Steam Workshop support for mods is also...   Meer..
Nieuws  |  18 May 2020 14:40
After spending a good two years in early access, Ghost Ship Games’ Deep Rock Galactic released on Xbox One and PC. A co-op...   Meer..
Nieuws  |  17 May 2020 15:18
We've got a tiny bit of new Cyberpunk 2077 footage this week, courtesy of the official Twitter account of the game, where the...   Meer..
Mobile  |  17 May 2020 15:18
If you read the Saturday companion piece to this article, which deals with new games and sales, you’ll know that this has been a slow...   Meer..
Nieuws  |  16 May 2020 17:30
Four Kings One War looks like chess at first glance, but it's a much more complex game with a serious learning curve. If you're...  Meer..
Nieuws  |  15 May 2020 13:17
A new Nioh 2 free update has been released online, introducing new content to the game as well as performance improvements and...  Meer..
Nieuws  |  15 May 2020 13:11
Development issues stemming from the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic have struck again, this time with Arc System Works’ Guilty...   Meer..
Nieuws  |  15 May 2020 13:05
After rumors and intense traffic causing errors, you can now claim Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto 5 on the Epic Games Store till...   Meer..
Nieuws  |  15 May 2020 6:08
Na het grote succes van Apex Legends hoeven we nog geen derde deel in de Titanfall franchise verwachten. Respawn Entertainment, de ontwikkelaar van Titanfall als Apex Legends, geeft aan dat er geen derde d...  Meer..